100% Australian
Owned & Operated
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We understand how confident you want to be when you purchase something valuable from an online store. Here are few questions you may want to have answers before you shop with us.

How do I know it (our gemstone) is the real thing?

All our Gemstones are natural and as an assuarance, most of our gemstones are tested (any stone over AUD 500 in value) here in Melbourne by leading independent Gemmological laboratories for their authenticity and physical properties.

Any individual gemstone valued over AUD 500.00 will accompany an independent test crtificate from a leading gemmological laboratory vaued at AUD 55.00. If you would like us to provide a test certificate for anything under $500, we are quite happy to provide at a reasonable shared cost as shown below.

$300.00 to $499.00 --- $20.00
$150.00 to $299.00 --- $30.00
$25.00 to $149.00 ---   $40.00

Alternatively, we welcome you to do your own testing or valuations with your preferred Gemological laboratory or a registered valuer.*

It is important to note that a valuations differs between different valuers*. This is simply because all valuations are based on professional Opinions. Also, valuations affect by other factors such as current market conditions, changes in demand and supply, exchange rate fluctuations etc, at the time of the valuation is taken place. Nevertheless, if you are not happy with the value you received from your Professional valuer* compared to the price you paid we are happy to arrange an exchange or refund. That's our guarantee!! However, we are quite confident our prices won’t be beaten by those valuations.

*A valuer must be listed in Jewellery Valuers Association of Australia or Gemological Association of Australia.

Can I change my mind?

Yes, if in case you do not like the gemstone we are happy to arrange an exchange given the item is not scratched or damaged.

If it is a jewellery item, we are still happy to arrange an exchange given that it is still in its original condition (no scratches, damages or missing stones) and original tag is still attached.

If wish you receive a refund we can arrange that too if you return it within 14 days of receiving the item. Please read our refund Policy..

How secure is my credit card and other payment details?

For your piece of mind we only accept Paypal as our preferred payment method. Your security is very important, that is why we only accept Paypal as our prefered method since Paypal has a reputation to be one of the most trusted payment gateways in the world.

How could you sell at low prices?

Our Prices are low,because we are trading without  any middle traders. Most of the costs are usually added by the overseas based wholesale middle brokers. Although those middle traders play an important role in the world gem trade, we buy directly from local markets to keep our cost down so we can deliver better value for our valued customers.


Is Melbourne Prime Gems located in Australia?

Absolutely! We are proudly 100% Australian owned organization. All our transactions process under Australian Law.

Where the stocked items are located?

Each and every item listed in our website is located here in Melbourne, Australia.

This will save you considerably not only financial costs but also psychological costs. Most of all, we can provide speedy service for you too.

Is Melbourne Prime Gems a Member of Australian Gemological Association?

Melbourne Prime Gems is a member (Member No. 3126) of the GAA (Gemological Association of Australia- Victoria Division). We believe and follow the values of the association at all times.

What Delivery methods do you use?

Australia Post- Registered express post (Signature Required)
Overseas Deivery- DHL/UPS (Signature Required) - on request only
Insurance: All deliveries (local & international) are fully insured.

More Questions?

Please do contact us for any further information.

Thank you.